Hi guys, long time no see.

Today at the blizzcon art department the new login screen for Cataclysm was introduced.

Here’s a video:

Now, all whining about having another roaring dragon at login, I have to say one thing: That roar is horrible. Compare it to Deathwing’s roar in the same setting at 2:12 in the Cataclysm introduction cinematic (You should watch the whole thing though, because it’s awesome):

Doesn’t that roar just sound much cooler? So much more badass? In the login screen, Deathwing sounds like he has a bad case of laryngitis.

I’m hoping it’s just the fact that it was the big hall speakers providing the audio that made it sound strange, and that it will be better once it goes live on December 7th.

In other news, the final class of Diablo 3 was announced, along with PvP arenas. Considering I’ve never played Diablo before, I’ve taken a bit of an interest in it.

Sadly, there was no news about the next Starcraft 2 expansion, Heart of the Swarm (which looks like it might not be released for another 18 months) or Blizzard’s new MMO IP that they’ve been keeping under wraps. All in all, not many exciting things were announced this year, so hopefully we’ll be getting some new tidbits of info at nex year’s Blizzcon.